ImmunityBio’s proprietary
NK-92 cell line

ImmunityBio is the originator, proprietor and custodian of the NK-92 natural killer cell line, established in continuous culture in 1992.

Licensing our NK-92 Cell Line

Not-for-profit entities may obtain NK-92 cells for patent identity purposes and for basic science research through a limited-use license or material transfer agreement. Such limited-use excludes value creation of an exclusive nature that can be subsequently exploited commercially, directly or indirectly. All such excluded uses shall require a commercial license.

For-profit entities, require a license, irrespective of intended use.

For non-clinical applications such as in vitro testing for product discovery, research and development, and bioanalytical testing as part of commercial manufacturing, access is provided through Brink Biologic’s Neukopanel® Licensing Program. Brink Biologics holds the exclusive rights to and is the only authorized distributor of NK-92, NK-92MI and all NK-92.CD16 variants for non-clinical use by for-profit entities worldwide. To begin the process, please click the button below.

For clinical applications of our NK-92 cells and its derivatives, please click the button below to inquire further.

Please visit the Brink Biologics website to start a licensing request.

Brink Biologics log

Brink Biologics Licensing Process:

Fill out request form

Receive, review, and sign NDA

Review term sheet for license

Discuss details of license, finalize, sign and pay fees

Obtain cells under license

Receive Technical Support & Research Services


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