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Broad Clinical-Stage Immunotherapy Platforms

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Adenovirus & Yeast

T Cells

We established ImmunityBio to advance the next generation of immunotherapies and to address serious unmet needs within oncology and infectious diseases. Our platform is designed to overcome limitations of the existing therapeutic paradigm based on T cell-based immunotherapies, such as checkpoint inhibitors and chimeric antigen receptor T cells, or CAR-T cells.

Fundamentally, our platform promotes innate and adaptive immune responses by activating cytokines, natural killer, or NK, cells, T cells and tumoricidal macrophages, and seeks to establish “immunological memory” to support longer-term protection against disease. We believe our novel approach significantly improves upon standard immunotherapies to induce more rapid, robust and durable clinical benefit.

Our Clinical Stage Platforms

ImmunityBio has developed a next generation immunotherapy platform that stimulates the immune system beyond current checkpoint therapies. This platform is based on the foundation of three separate modalities:

(1) Antibody fusion proteins which activate NK, T, and memory T cells;
(2) Albumin-based tumor microenvironment immune modulators; and
(3) Second generation adenovirus (hAd5) and yeast vectors to activate dendritic cells and induce long-term T cell memory.

Anktiva (N-803)

First-in-class Antibody Fusion Protein IL-15 Cytokine Superagonist. Promotes natural killer (NK) and T cell expansion and activation

fast track &
breakthrough designation


Albumin associated anthracycline designed to releasing doxorubicin directly into the tumor with lower side effects than doxorubicin (cardiotoxicity and loss of hair)


2nd generation E1-, E2b-, E3- deleted human adenovirus type 5 (hAd5) allowing for multiple dosing even in the face of previous adeno immunity and overcoming cold-chain limitations

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