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Transforming the lives of patients with cancer and immune disorders

Harnessing the immune system to kill tumor cells using NK and T cell responses

ImmunityBio Broadest Portfolios of Biological Molecules

One of the most comprehensive late stage clinical pipelines addressing both the innate (activated macrophage and natural killer cell) and the adaptive immune system (dendritic, CD4 and CD8 killer T cells).

Changing How Cancer is Treated for Everyone

We are a company with one of the broadest portfolios of biological molecules spanning albumin-linked chemotherapeutic, peptide, fusion protein, cytokine, monoclonal antibody, adenovirus and yeast vaccine therapies.

Led by a World-Class Management Team

Committed to Putting Patients First.
Our mission of improving the lives of patients worldwide. Our talent, scientific knowledge and research capabilities help us to deliver access to innovative, disease-altering therapies.

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