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At ImmunityBio, we are dedicated to delivering high-quality care and expertise to our patient, provider and payor communities. This concerted commitment is equally reflected in the benefits and culture we provide our employees.


Organizational Values are the operating principles: Humanitarian, Entrepreneurship, Authenticity, Results Driven, and Transformation. They come from the H.E.A.R.T of the organization, these principles are our pillars of strength.


At ImmunityBio we empower our employees to contribute at high levels professionally while also focusing on being developed into valued leaders across our company and the communities we serve.

Our People

“A wonderful workplace with endless potential – Great work environment, team atmosphere, working towards curing cancers and other infectious diseases”

Our Core Values

Our Mission and purpose as an organization is WHAT we strive for and WHY we are here. Each of us plays a critical role in helping deliver that Mission through the work, talents and focus each brings to your role. Organizational Values are the operating principles: Humanitarian, Entrepreneurship, Authenticity, Results Driven, and Transformation.

They come from the H.E.A.R.T of the organization, these principles are our pillars of strength. They define WHO WE ARE, and help to shape our actions, thus define our character and cultivate a culture that starts at an individual level and expands collectively through our shared works.

H.E.A.R.T - Humanitarian, Entrepreneurship, Authenticity, Results Driven, and Transformation.

demonstrate stewardship, commit personally to improve universally

Don’t be afraid to take risks, display financial consciousness, and take responsibility to think like an owner

Engage with others from a point of honesty and trust

Be diligent and achieve with a purpose

Learn from your experiences to transform self and the company to become a learning mechanism to create wisdom. Believe passionately to change permanently

Our Culture

Our culture speaks of our organization’s personality. It’s a representation of who we are and aspire to be. It’s how we live, work, and play at ImmunityBio. The framework that sustains our employees is iCARE, through a mission driven purpose and standard setting for the pursuit of operational excellence.

This framework is the living culture of our interoperable, integrated, multi-disciplinary, and multi-functional groups. These groups transform specific verticals, inventing platforms and products that will lead the Cognitive Age’ to make knowledge accessible to all.

iCARE, to drive the mission!

iCARE - Innovate, Collaborate, Accountable, Rigor, Empower

Be deliberate in applying imagination, and take initiative with information. Explore outside the boundary of your comfort zone to create new methods for evolutionary and revolutionary innovations to improve products or services.

Build and cultivate relationships that are cooperative. Contribute to the success of others to drive the knowledge management that leads towards creating and sustaining a competitive advantage. Share meaningfully to advance radically.


Be responsible with your actions. Rise above the circumstances to take ownership of your work in order to deliver desired results on (moonshot) projects.


Support your ideas with observation, evidence, and analysis. Discover with an investigative approach to challenge the norm and status quo, and develop in a way that increases knowledge to solve problems using new approaches and techniques. Investigate deeply to impact profoundly.


Actively seek the opportunity to access information and resources. Take initiative to make impactful decisions, speak up, contribute feedback and ideas, and advance the organization’s mission with the purpose of making health and wellness accessible.

Our Benefits

At ImmunityBio, we’re dedicated to transformative next-generation therapies and vaccines for patients. We offer you the chance to work with a team that is focused on the latest advancements in immunotherapy addressing both oncology and infectious disease. Our concerted commitment is equally reflected in the benefits we offer our ImmunityBio employees.

Our Commitment to Care Starts With You!

Financial Care

Financial health is the bedrock of employee wellbeing. That’s why we provide as much financial support as we can to our employees, extending far beyond salary compensation.

  • Fidelity 401k with 3% company match. Secure your financial future with a comprehensive 401k and the added benefit of a 3% match.
  • Company-paid Life Insurance. Receive company-paid life insurance with options to buy discounted supplemental plans.
  • Flexible Spending Account. Enjoy tax-advantaged savings to cover healthcare costs with a flexible spending account.
  • 529 College Savings Plans. Tuck away money for education in a 529 college savings fund.
  • Private investment consulting. Benefit from one-on-one sessions with a financial professional for guidance on your 401k, asset allocation strategy, or other financial planning needs.
Health-Related Care

To facilitate care for others, you need the tools to care for yourself. Our health insurance plan provides all employees with low-cost insurance—and added options.

  • Low-cost health insurance plan. Receive a comprehensive health insurance plan that includes lower cost/lower deductible Health (Blue Cross), Dental (MetLife), and Vision (EyeMed)..
  • Short- and long-term disability options. Whether you’re dealing with a temporary or permanent health issue, feel at ease with a variety of disability options.
Career Growth Opportunities

We want you to grow and improve every step of the way at ImmunityBio. That’s why opportunities for career mobility are built into our company structure. You can set your sights high – and realize your full potential.

  • Training and job advancement. Receive job training for your entry position as well as opportunities for continued growth and advancement.
  • Employee Referral Bonus program. Know that all employee referrals are given thoughtful consideration, with a bonus paid for any hires.
  • Performance bonus opportunity. Get recognized and rewarded for exceptional work.


Life Enrichment

Work-life balance is more than a theoretical concept here – it’s a reality. Our full benefits package is fit with plenty of perks centered around you, your loved ones, and the things you enjoy.

  • Flexible paid time off. For non-exempt/hourly employees, we provide generous PTO.
  • Sick leave policy. Our sick leave policy is flexible to allow employees time to manage your health.
  • Employee discounts. Receive discounts for LifeLock Identity Theft Protection Plans, mobile phone plans, gym memberships, entertainment services, and much more—our commitment to employee care extends well beyond the workplace.

12 paid holidays. Celebrate the holidays with loved ones without any financial concerns weighing you down

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